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On Getting Over Yourself

By soulwindow · November 21, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

I have to first repent to the followers of this dusty thing. You are radiant and special to me. I appreciate the 8 seconds you took to subscribe, sign up, scroll over posts, like things. Totally counts. I promised myself I would only blog when I felt inspired. Now, is that to say I haven't been inspired in 7 mos? No. I've been busy with family and school and just general living, you know? On top of lazy (pray for me). Anyhoo, onto the blogging!


This is my twitter profile:

Writer, GRITS (Girl Raised In The South), FutrDoc, Freelance MUA, Worship Leader, Youth Pastor, Beautiful, Gorgeous. #TeamJesus. And if the devil doesn't like it?! He can SIT ON A TACK!


I use it to acquire new twitter buddies, to identify myself and shadow my personality. I do happen to include a few church titles (and some of my secular titles) because I like connecting with people who have similar assignments. I've made great friendships, great networking. In a general sense, leadership titles have merit. They indicate seats of distinction, honor, and promotion, all of which are great but they also indicate a level of responsibility: a charge to do something!


Now, with all of that being said, I'm not big on titles. I know they have their place, I know they have their purpose, but I don't like what titles do to people! Too often, saints who have been elevated to "positions" or "statuses" get spiritual amnesia. They forget the God who allowed their promotion and attempt to become a god. Revered and worshipped by many. They forget the requirements, the prayers they had to endure and treat others in the faith as underlings and the last I checked, my brothers and sisters are not peons. Instead, we labor together to bring about the purposes of God in Christ. We all serve!


During my early teen years, one of my mother's friends came for a visit and we all were going out together. I was slow-poking around the house as we were preparing to leave and my mom called my name, telling me to hurry. I was putting the finishing touches on a general, simple ponytail. As her friend walked outside, she asked a question: "Is she like my daughter, in the mirror all hours of the day with the primping?" to which my mom answered no. And she replied, "Not yet."


I waited and waited for years to become one of those primping daughters, in the mirror all hours of the day. Never materialized though. Even today as a 30 something-er, as a makeup artist, and a product junkie, I HARDLY touch up, but it made me no less of a teenager then, and it makes me no less of a woman now. Her conversation with my mom caused me to learn a few things about myself: 1. I do a pretty good job of shellacking everything down in the mornings so primping isn't a necessity (haaa!) and 2. I love and appreciate my reflection and the beauty staring back at me, but I generally know what's in it and I don't allow myself to be consumed with familiar territory just to relive a thrill. I was over myself.


In my experience when God elevates us, it's not for us to peacock around the kingdom. Showing off is not a purposeful existence. When we are made to be leaders, we are made to be examples of triumph, examples of right living, imitating Christ who was as Holy as He was Human. If we ever go beyond that and make gods out of the nouns (the people, places, things, and ideas) that we have been allowed because of status, we're idolaters and thus not imitating Christ at all.


It's easy to marvel at a move of God. It's a blessing to obediently give and watch immediate returns. It's great to be used. Feels awesome to be praised. Any willing heart can invite the spirit of God. Your local Bishop/Apostle/Pastor/Reverend can string together amazing words, with perfect inflections, pitch, and such. But in the end, it isn't about him, or her, or our list of accomplishments, no matter how "churchy".  It's about our Ruler, King and Creator! He makes everything we do possible!

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Well said and very thought prevoking! The sooner we realize that it's not about us, but about Jesus, we will be better positioned to propagate the kingdom and also witness miracles signs and wonders.

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I agree, Joi! ;)) Amen!

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Glad to see you back! :D

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