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On Getting Over Yourself

By soulwindow · November 21, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

I have to first repent to the followers of this dusty thing. You are radiant and special to me. I appreciate the 8 seconds you took to subscribe, sign up, scroll over posts, like things. Totally counts. I promised myself I would only blog when I felt inspired. Now, is that to say I haven't been inspired in 7 mos? No. I've been busy with family and school and just general living, you know? On top of lazy (pray for me). Anyhoo, onto the blogging!


This is my twitter profile:

Writer, GRITS (Girl Raised In The South), FutrDoc, Freelance MUA, Worship Leader, Youth Pastor, Beautiful, Gorgeous. #TeamJesus. And if the devil doesn't like it?! He can SIT ON A TACK!


I use it to acquire new twitter buddies, to identify myself and shadow my personality. I do happen to include a few church titles (and some of my secular titles) because I like connecting with people who have similar assignments. I've made great friendships, great networking. In a general sense, leadership titles have merit. They indicate seats of distinction, honor, and promotion, all of which are great but they also indicate a level of responsibility: a charge to do something!


Now, with all of that being said, I'm not big on titles. I know they have their place, I know they have their purpose, but I don't like what titles do to people! Too often, saints who have been elevated to "positions" or "statuses" get spiritual amnesia. They forget the God who allowed their promotion and attempt to become a god. Revered and worshipped by many. They forget the requirements, the prayers they had to endure and treat others in the faith as underlings and the last I checked, my brothers and sisters are not peons. Instead, we labor together to bring about the purposes of God in Christ. We all serve!


During my early teen years, one of my mother's friends came for a visit and we all were going out together. I was slow-poking around the house as we were preparing to leave and my mom called my name, telling me to hurry. I was putting the finishing touches on a general, simple ponytail. As her friend walked outside, she asked a question: "Is she like my daughter, in the mirror all hours of the day with the primping?" to which my mom answered no. And she replied, "Not yet."


I waited and waited for years to become one of those primping daughters, in the mirror all hours of the day. Never materialized though. Even today as a 30 something-er, as a makeup artist, and a product junkie, I HARDLY touch up, but it made me no less of a teenager then, and it makes me no less of a woman now. Her conversation with my mom caused me to learn a few things about myself: 1. I do a pretty good job of shellacking everything down in the mornings so primping isn't a necessity (haaa!) and 2. I love and appreciate my reflection and the beauty staring back at me, but I generally know what's in it and I don't allow myself to be consumed with familiar territory just to relive a thrill. I was over myself.


In my experience when God elevates us, it's not for us to peacock around the kingdom. Showing off is not a purposeful existence. When we are made to be leaders, we are made to be examples of triumph, examples of right living, imitating Christ who was as Holy as He was Human. If we ever go beyond that and make gods out of the nouns (the people, places, things, and ideas) that we have been allowed because of status, we're idolaters and thus not imitating Christ at all.


It's easy to marvel at a move of God. It's a blessing to obediently give and watch immediate returns. It's great to be used. Feels awesome to be praised. Any willing heart can invite the spirit of God. Your local Bishop/Apostle/Pastor/Reverend can string together amazing words, with perfect inflections, pitch, and such. But in the end, it isn't about him, or her, or our list of accomplishments, no matter how "churchy".  It's about our Ruler, King and Creator! He makes everything we do possible!

Oh For Grace...

By soulwindow · May 12, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

Have you ever lost electrical power during a midnight thunderstorm? Or gotten up and trekked to your kitchen in the pitch black to warm a baby’s bottle or stave off a snack craving? It’s a little bit daunting, isn’t it? Navigating your way through set furniture, clawing at the walls, hoping you don’t bump into something or break your favorite fill-in-the-blank. It’s fascinating. We live in our homes for months, years at a time and at the onset of darkness, we almost revert back to thinking we’re in a new place.

Our walk with God can be very similar. Often times we don’t see what is coming next even though we’re familiar with where He has placed us and what He has provided us. One misstep could land us in a lot of pain, feeling betrayed, silly, and just wishing the storm was over.

That’s where faith comes in. If I were to define faith in parameters for people who have never picked up a Bible, attended a Sunday school class, or warmed a church pew, I would call it this.

Faith: (n.) 1. Belief in a God you have not seen; 2. Trusting God for things you have not—or have rarely witnessed

And then, I would point them to Hebrews 11 – the rolling history of faith through the Word of God. Just reading it is a spiritual pep rally: to know that the same grace for faith granted to Abraham and Noah and Moses are rooted inside us. They believed fully in a God they had never seen, a God so great they could not manufacture some image of him. They built their altars in faith. They forged battles in faith. They braved desert winds in faith.

Faith is the vehicle of our salvation; the very thing by which we believe God to continually deliver, change, and perfect us. Not only that, we use our faith as a measure of our trust in God. It is a reflection of how much we lean on Him, and how BIG we view Him.

Today, we extend Hebrews 11 to fit our current world and the issues we face. We, so many times feel like we’re stumbling around in the thick darkness of this world, but there is hope. As any well-worked muscle, as faith is used, it grows. We become more aware of its presence and power in our lives.

Our faith keeps us looking toward the sky in the hopes that our Savior will rescue us out of this cruel and crazy world. Faith sits bedside in cancer wards, screaming to the Lord in silence, “Make my miracle real!” Thousands of miles away from home, from anything familiar, faith blankets soldiers with courage and peace like force fields. Faith makes words like “divorce” unspeakable, unthinkable, and undoable; faith hangs in there. Faith rejects doctors reports, overturns man’s laws. Faith purchases a passport and visits new countries with fewer pleasantries, risking its own life to spread the gospel—that proclaims a God it has never laid eyes on but feels in its every waking moment. That is faith.

Brothers and Sisters let us increase our faith by trusting God more. He has done it before, and He will do it again and again!


Unequally Yoked?

By soulwindow · April 21, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

So me and my buddy Natasha were yapping today. Well. We were complaining but don't judge us. And the question arose, What does it mean to be unequally yoked? The scripture that most readily comes to mind says for the saint to not be unequally yoked with the UNbeliever. But a yoke indicates a connection, a bond to one who does the controlling. One who does the driving. In this case, Jesus.

There are many believers in Christ who do not live their lives as Christians. There are many who profess to be Christians who do not walk as Christians. So, for me, this correlation is much greater than the one prerequisite of belief in Jesus, especially when it comes to long-term, serious connections, courtships, and even friendships. It is the weight they put on their relationship with Christ. The value of the Word of God in their life. It's how their morals link to scripture. It's the place they allow God: just here, just there? Or everywhere? Do they lean on man more than God? Do they trust ritual over the guidance of the Holy Spirit Himself? All of these things are factors when I look at the "yoke" if you will. I'm not saying that people should share the same opinion on every thing, in every area. That would just be weird...and boring, but I think there should be points of connection that indicate not only your basic belief, but your relationship status with your savior.

Opinions make a blog fun. So, I decided to poll the best and brightest people I know. What does it mean to you to be "unequally yoked" in relationship? Choose the best answer for the way you think, and leave a comment. Thanks!

Psalm Saturday: The Good Book

By soulwindow · March 12, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

Psa 119: 11 ~ Your Word I have treasured in my heart that, that I may not sin against You.

Do you know that as a believer you have an unlimited resource of wealth and wisdom? It's like having a "black" charge card. The kind where you flash it and managers crawl out of their little offices drooling. It is the Word of God. There is nothing good unavailable to us if we align with the Word of God!

I am a believer that everything in the Bible is relevant to you. Every issue has a solution inside God's word. It's up to the believer to crack the book, study, learn, and dissect the hidden treasures inside the Bible. As I used to tell my students, material will change but concepts remain the same. Just as we have poets, singers, writers, and artists who depict the tumultuous times in which we live, the struggles, tragedy, and pain that we endure daily, the Bible depicts our spiritual existence, place, and placement. It is a roadmap to guide our life--not just a book rich in historical, archaeological truths, romance, poetry, anecdotes, drama and the like. It is the way. If you don't read the Bible, what guides your life? I mean, you don't get good credit by sitting on charge cards. But you must learn the system and learn how to exercise it.

I'm learning something. Exercising a body part is MUCH DIFFERENT than using it. If God is willing, we "use" our arms to slap the snooze bar every morning, we "use" our legs to meander from location to location, we "use" our arms to hug loved ones. But exercise is an activity targeted to strengthen a particular body part. In parallel, we use the Word of God to exercise our spiritual "muscles," to gain strength in areas where we struggle, suffer, and slip. you know. Problem areas. We all have them. ;)

I am also learning that the body resists change. The first time I worked out with a personal trainer, I nearly fainted! This little skinny dude chasing me around with medicine balls and this maniacal buck in his eyes...I didn't think I'd make it out alive but HE knew I would. He knew I'm young, and stronger than I had experienced. Isn't the Word of God the same way? It's not until God puts you to the fire that you learn how resilient you really are. But we don't have a clue of our inner strength if we don't exercise our faith, if we don't walk what we say we believe.

Look, I know that sometimes in our culture the Bible isn't often seen as the authority on anything. We have been fooled into thinking we run our own lives. Even those who revere the Good Book are bombarded by denominations, and rituals, and religious differences as weighty as dust and they leave it on the shelf. Or in the car. We must learn to take value in what God has given us. I mean really, if you knew how strong you would end up, would you still make excuses about your lack of energy instead of going for a walk? If you knew there was a limitless bank account with your name on it, would you still spend time talking about what you do not have?

In the same regard, don't be depressed, beat up, lost, or ungrounded. Those things aren't Godly. Instead, let us continue to access those scriptures in God's Word and stories that inspire hope in us for our situations.


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Psalm Saturday! - My Strength and Shield

By soulwindow · January 29, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

The Lord is my strength and my shield; My heart trusted in Him and I am helped; Therefore my heart greatly rejoices, And with my song I shall praise Him.
Psalm 28:7 NKJV

sword and shield

This nugget of scripture from the book of Psalm struck a cord with me one day while I was cleaning. It just rang out from the lyrics of a song I was listening to, and began to minister to me. I embraced the moment, and meditated on it, the fact that God is both our strength and our shield. He is both that with which we thrive and that with which we are covered. He is Power in us, and He is a Shield about us.

Some little-g gods provide protection, but no strength. Their worshipers offer sacrifice, bow and pray, and receive in return a false covering. They get an umbrella with holes in it, or one that will flail inside-out when the violent winds come. Thank God His grace is sufficient! Thank God that when I worshiped at the feet of "other gods" and received false covering, He was still Jehovah Jireh.

It is important to remember that God is not only our source of protection during the turbulence of our lives. He is our shield. He keeps us protected from obvious turmoils and those which are not visible. Not only that, He protects us from dangers which manifests that we ignorantly...well...ignore!

We must learn to rely on the protecting power of Jesus Christ!

Jobs will dissolve, relationships will waver, bodies will age, friends will loosen their grip, but when the areas of strength that we rely on most are gone, where do we turn? To alcohol? To the shoulders of our comrades? Our church clubs? The disabling of that on which we have learned to trust will always return our focus to our Source--God our Strength--and away from our unsure resources.

There are many things that we simply cannot handle mentally, physically, emotionally or spiritually! That is why we rely on our Shield and our Strength, the Mighty God! And even when we do take on those harsh realities, and take the fiery darts, the cuts and bruises, the brokenness, we still have a Perfected source of strength! We still have a Great Shield!

In the throes of war, a soldier must know how to utilize his shield! Whether he is wounded or standing, he can impede damage to himself and to his fellow soldiers by lifting the heavy and impenetrable Shield of God's power!

The Resurgence of Profound Faith (Guest post by @rashonts)

By soulwindow · January 15, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

Faith is a founding principal on which many societies are built globally. Of this fact, America is no exception. “In God we Trust” was a declaration of faith making its first debut on a two-cent coin in 1864. Even in the production of currency, we (America) defaulted to God as a source of prosperity and a provider of sustenance. Religion and faith served as a transcending factor throughout American people, correcting undesirable moral behavior such as adultery, polygamy, and even slavery. God not only stood ominously as a reference point for uncivil behavior, but He was audibly and visibly present in classrooms, courtrooms, and workplaces.


As America continually prospered, the need for divine influence dwindled. America shifted from depending solely on God and His power to only needing him during times of difficulty and famine. However, the last 10 years have brought us to a crossroads of obscurity. The confidence in the American dream has wavered along with American morale and value. In this late hour, there is now a heightened need to seek not only a provider and sustainer, but also a deliverer and a way-maker. Today, the need for faith in God is crucial. In addition to daily providence, we now need constant protection and shelter from the forces of evil that are running rampant.


In the last couple of years, I can personally attest to the shift in my faith. I used to be the one who never consulted God as an authority figure regarding my daily routine. I worked, earned a paycheck, and paid my bills. It took a series of unfortunate events for me to fully realize and recognize that in every facet God is a provider. Just because we work a 9-5 job doesn’t mean that He is not the one providing our living. This erroneous thinking led me into a season of financial disparity. Isaiah 26:3 records, “Thou wilt keep [him] in perfect peace…” The latter part of the previously mentioned scripture reads …”[whose] mind [is] stayed [on thee].”  That promise is contingent on anchoring our entire being on unwavering faith in God’s ability to rule in our lives. There is one element promised in today’s society: CHANGE.


As we watch events unfold in our present world, I’m encouraged because I’m not afraid. I know in whom I believe, and whatever happens to me, is not beyond the grasp of God’s prevention. There is no price tag that can be placed on such security.One thing this unstable economic era has taught me--my next blessing is contingent upon the level of faith I possess and the ability to allow my hope to supersede the dimensions of my current circumstance. It is unfortunate that tragedy often has to be the fire that fuels Christian invigoration. According to several research studies, church attendance spiked following the weeks after the 9/11 attack on NYC. As more heinous biblical prophecies unfold, what will we then turn to? It must be profound faith. I don’t believe that it was God’s intent to use faith as a final resource of defense, but by equipping ourselves with faith, we offensively position ourselves in an ultimate disposition of victory. No matter the test we face, we must be forever dependent on God and his ability to supply our every need according to His will.



Jason Scott is an independent writer, editor, and owner of Rasilliant Enterprises. You can find his blog and more about the editing services he offers here.

Lean Hard!

By soulwindow · December 31, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

I had a vision recently of a huge flat rock, stories high, and just as wide atop a hill. The sun felt like it was inches away from me. I was drenched in sweat. In this vision, I was leaning on this rock, but I had cords that kept me connected to other things that looked like square buckets. I kept looking back, to get support from these other things as I leaned on the rock. I wanted to make sure I had the proper balance, as each item I was connected to held its own weight, moving in its own time, and had its own little agenda. The wind would lift and one item would sway. The blazing sun would beat down on me, the rock, and all I was connected to, and the items would slip off the plane and then I would have to rescue the item while still leaning on the Rock. I wanted to make sure that all of the cords were connected to me and I wanted to be absolutely certain that I never lost touch with the rock. Eventually, it got so difficult. I became exhausted! I had to let those cords become slack. Some items I had to totally release and wave bye-bye to.

When the vision was done, my eyes flew open and I lay in bed reliving the moving vision God had given me. Hold fast, that still, small voice said, and my entire being relaxed. It had been such a trying week. Work was tough, family was less than pleasant, and friends were hit and miss. Plus, I was pretty much down to my last $4 with 3 days until my next payday. What I wanted was a miracle. I wanted to wake up with a job offer or two on my voicemail, skip to the mailbox and find a check for a few months’ salary thanks to a windfall, float into the living room to a grinning family in their Cosby sweaters and hot chocolate, and later on be treated to dinner by glowing, grinning girlfriends who had no conceivable problems to dump off on me.

But of course that didn’t happen. What did I get? A vision, where God made Himself out to be a ROCK, on a hill, had pressed me against it strung like a marionette and surrounded me with my circumstances. And all He said was Hold fast?!

Let me tell you, it did not take long for revelation to trickle down. I saw myself between those buckets of problems, ideas, influences, and people, and The Rock and became enlightened to the condition of my heart. I was being tried. You see, my prayer had been, “God, get me out of this. Help me.” and God was saying, “You want My help, but I don’t have your trust in these areas. I am helping you.”

Friends, whatever is in us that desires the tangible, in-hand, visible manifestation of promise will be tried. It will be shaken! We will find out how badly we want to hold onto The Rock versus our ‘stuff.’ Don’t get me wrong. Stuff is great…in its place. Sometimes, though, God will allow our stuff to be shaken just to see where we stand. People will call you nuts for believing in “that God stuff” and people will say your dreams are dead. But do what God says, and hold on. The Bible talks about the Refiner’s Fire. That test of purity. Like gold inside a furnace, if we would but HOLD FAST in the midst of the fire, every impure thing will fall away and what will be revealed will draw men by its very nature. God’s spirit shines through in our trials!

In that vision, I got so tired of waiting for everything to align just so that I had no choice but to let some things go. Other things, I had to adjust their connection to me so that I could lean the right way. What is it that you need to release in order to lean more on God? What do you need to adjust? The more we lean on God, the more He can show Himself strong in our lives. I found my rest in The Rock. We may lend our trust to our jobs, to our spouse, to our comforts, to our technology…but these things fade away and we must make it our goal to trust God above all. YES, God has some stuff, some money, a business, a career, that ministry, that release waiting just for you. I truly believe that! What are things to the God who created things?

He will prove Himself as God whether he drops a limo in your lap or you have to shove your Pinto three miles up a hill to get home. Either way, God will search your heart to see whether you leaned on Him, rejoicing in His goodness.

Remember to Lean Hard! You’re going to SHINE after this!!!


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What I learned in Cell Block '10

By soulwindow · December 31, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

Thank GOD that this year is almost over! I know it has been a SLOW blogging year for me, but in all honesty, I blogged from the heart whether it got hits, got read, got commented on, responded to or NOT. That's what I like about me. I'm comfortable as a writer. In the end, I just do what will make me say *ahhh*.

This blog post is for me. I wanted to highlight some of the lessons I took away from this year because it may have taken 364 days but I did realize that I learned more than 20 ways to cry and whine to God. Please keep your feet and hands inside the car. Bulleted List ahead

-The Power of Words - This year I began blogging for World Prayr. I know that was a divine appointment, and that God has been speaking to hearts through my connection there. Not to boast, not at all. I know that all glory belongs to God. But for me, writing on the team at World Prayr affirmed a passion and a calling. I have watched my heart be typed onto the tapestry of cyberspace, never to be recaptured, almost like an out of body experience. I have blinked through tears to tweet and blog and transcribe memoirs of fictional characters. I have grown as a writer as a result. I have increased my faith and my belief in myself. A style emerged that I believe will be so distinctive when God gets through. My voice is being refined...and I just love that! I've come across people this year that planted great creative seeds in the soil of my imagination. Just...powerhouses! Amazing folks, who are brimming with potential so much so that they leak it onto others they come in contact with. All of us being writers, it just gives us something to talk about between the laughter. I sort of lost my writing group this year, but that's on me. And hopefully I will enter the next few months more focused and pick it back up. Here's hoping


-The Power of Unity - I also embraced a different level of sisterhood. I'm not the most social person, and that is putting it lightly. That's kind of making a joke out of it. But God allowed me to become close to some people I wasn't expecting to embrace because there must have been a need in my life for it. These people unveiled a passion for others that I have rarely encountered. There are those who live their life to the Mission of Others. And they know how to link up, and push projects forward. It is amazing


-I learned that I am not my job. I am not Company X. This year I've been talked to any kind of way, treated like a slave, thrown between supervisors, beaten over the head with policies, berated, threatened...you name it. At the end of the day, I log out of work. I am a sister, a daughter, a niece, a granddaughter, friend, writer, minister, face beatin' makeup artist, scholar, texting buddy, and on and on and on...and in most of those capacities, I am adored.


-I have an influence over talent and...I'm just going to leave that there except to say that this year I embraced a new level of nurturing the giftings and talents of others without malicious intent.


-I've observed a lot of people, but I also realized that I'm okay to stand alone! It doesn't hurt. I don't have to accept feelings of being an outcast. I don't have to have a clique. I am okay. Just me, no cosigners, no amen corner. I'm good.


-One of the characters I penned this year had entered a "Job" season. If it was bad, it seemed to be happening to her and her family. At the onset of more bad news, she once asked, "How strong are we being made?" 2010 made me take on a lot of pressures that I was not expecting. Family illness, drama, deaths, changes, lack of change...and in it all, I may have been whiny. I may have been angry. I may have yelled. Wallowed in the lap of depression. But at the end of every pity party, when I was feeding tears to Kleenex, God would remind me that the pressure brings forth life. Brings forth precious transformation. I may not see it in a week. I may not see it in 2011, 2015, or 2030. But the fact that I am a work in progress lets me know that the God I sing and stomp and yell about is real and He has every intention of working perfection in me.


-I learned also...nothing beats African Black Soap and a tube of Hydrocortisone cream.

What did you learn in Cell Block '10?

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By soulwindow · November 18, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

Lately I have been pondering the position of Jesus as Lord. We know that He is multi-faceted, covering our sins, healing our infirmities, touching our hearts, making intercession for us. Those are great things that Jesus does for us. But to have Jesus as Lord is a different idea altogether. It becomes less about the gifts from Jesus (which should serve as benefits and proof of our salvation, by the way) and more about the goals OF Jesus: Love, Clean Living, Wholeness, Trust.

I tweeted it this way: Lordship requires the submission of my will to my Lord. NO spiritual democracy, no votes or majority rule. Relent and surrender.

I am a human, ever being transformed so this is a breeze to flick off on the keyboard and a bit laborious to live at times. I feel the strength inside myself and foolishly believe I hold the keys. I believe I have enough scripture to stand on. I believe I can repair my own thought processes, habits, and routines. I believe my ideas will work. But without the submission of my will to my Lord, what am I but a flag snapping in the winds of this life?

Sometimes it doesn't feel like we live on a planet that's simply revolving in orbit. Sometimes it feels like we live on a bowling ball, cast out with the force of one thousand men, unstable, not purposed, and sliding on the slick at 80mph toward an impact we're not prepared for.

Lord, prepare me. I want my life...the whole thing...to be on purpose and on target. I want to be marked for Jesus.

Because of the place we live and the way we live, though, we forget that there will be no show of hands for approval or disapproval when we stand before Jesus. There will not be a party to which we can align ourselves. I will not campaign for the good that I have performed on the earth. It will come down to only Jesus and I; whether or not I said "Yes, my Lord."

That is why I need him to have total control. I need to surrender fully. The Bible says we are to take every thought into the captivity of Christ! (2 Cor 10:5) Every thought! Good, bad, indifferent...they all need to be given up.

There is divine rest for the soul who has made Jesus Lord. When it seems that situations should have rocked us, we will stand firm. Where we have fallen before, we will walk boldly around stumbling blocks, we will evade those traps. When the chaos causes households to look like they are caving in, we will remember our Firm Foundation!

But this is never by our own doing; it is by the grace of God; the Lordship of Jesus in action.

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Abiding (Guest Post by Sharri Tiner @Sharritiner)

By soulwindow · October 2, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

Sharri Tiner, @Sharritiner on Twitter, SUGAR SWEET friend of mine is sharing in today's guest post.

Enjoy the spiritual eatin'!


We all have those times when we are overwhelmed. A crisis appears. That sick feeling comes, when we feel as if there is no way around it. It is a panicky feeling isn’t it? Where I can I turn for help? Hopefully, you know the Lord and prayer is the first place of refuge from the storms of life, right? There are those times when the feeling is so overwhelming that even though you have prayed and believed with all the faith that has been placed in your heart, you are still are sick with panic. As long as we are on this side of heaven, these times will come, and quite truthfully, I hate it when it happens.

I have recognized this in others prayer requests and I always feel for them, because I have experienced what they are feeling. I hate that sense that comes over me when I pray for them; that sense that they are still in terrible emotional agony. Usually it is going to be a time of death or separation that will bring on this panic, like when my sister suddenly lost her beloved Chihuahua, Belle. I could only say I was sorry, Belle was a good dog and I loved her very much. I know that was not enough to take away my sister’s pain.

I want more from my faith. I want to be able not only to turn to the Lord in prayer and ask others to pray with me. I want my faith to bring me peace.

Recently, I turned to the Bible. The Spirit of the Lord, abiding as he does, brought the Psalms to memory. I felt the urge to run and hid in a Psalm. There, I found the words the Lord desired to speak to my spirit. The words were absolutely perfect. As I share them with you, my reader, I want you to know that the lord has urged me to share them, and the word from Him that He is always there with us to go where no one else can go, to do what no one else can do, to bring what no other thing can bring. Throughout all, His Spirit remains with us, and when we go to Him with compete faith abiding in Him, we will find the peace that passes all understanding. He is available, reach out to Him in faith. He is waiting and His desire is to bring you comfort that abides.

Psalm 20

For the choir director: A psalm of David.

1 In times of trouble, may the Lord respond to your cry. May the God of Israel* keep you safe from all harm.

2 May he send you help from his sanctuary and strengthen you from Jerusalem.*

3 May he remember all your gifts and look favorably on your burnt offerings. Interlude

4 May he grant your heart’s desire and fulfill all your plans.

5 May we shout for joy when we hear of your victory, flying banners to honor our God. May the Lord answer all your prayers.

6 Now I know that the Lord saves his anointed king. He will answer him from his holy heaven and rescue him by his great power.

7 Some nations boast of their armies and weapons,* but we boast in the Lord our God.

8 Those nations will fall down and collapse, but we will rise up and stand firm.

9 Give victory to our king, O Lord! Respond to our cry for help. And, Psalm 21:2 – For you have given him his heart’s desire; you have held back nothing that he requested.